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To increase knowledge, skills, and capabilities on issues including health equity, violence prevention, victim services, and diversity, equity and inclusion for individuals and organizations. 


To prevent violence and harm across the full spectrum of harm in organizations, communities, and our society via a Conflict Resolution and Public Health approach.

About Me

I hold a Masters of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University and a Bachelors in Psychology and International Relations from Virginia Commonwealth University. These disciplines inform my approaches to violence intervention and prevention. I have also personally witnessed and experienced racism in the workplace. This fuels my desire to ensure workplaces are safe environments for all employees. I can help review your organizational climate, sexual harassment policies, overall DEI practices and strategies, and equip your staff with knowledge on health equity, power based violence, and more via my interactive trainings/courses! My trainings/workshops/courses have a proven track record of success. Feel free to look through evaluations of my workshops on the navigation bar and contact me if you'd like to request a training or discuss a customized training!