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To increase knowledge, skills, and capabilities on issues including health equity, violence prevention, victim services, and diversity, equity and inclusion for individuals and organizations. 


To prevent violence and harm across the full spectrum of harm in organizations, communities, and our society via a Conflict Resolution and Public Health approach.

About Me

I have nearly 15 years of equity and violence prevention experience in the field and a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University. In 2019, I experienced whistleblower retaliation (click here to read more) and this changed how I wanted to use my professional and academic training. I decided I wanted to harness the power of violence prevention and combine that with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in order to create healthy workplace climates for marginalized staff. 


I infuse public health violence prevention approaches with DEI in order to achieve behavior change and organizational culture change. I root my consulting approach in education because I follow Nelson Mendala's belief that "education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." I also encourage organizations to build onto my curriculum and training approach with changes in policies and practices to help boost overall healthy workplace climates. For example, I can help review your organizational climate, sexual harassment policies, and overall DEI practices and strategies. My trainings/workshops/courses have a 98% approval rating and I guarantee to deliver interactive and engaging content to optimize your experience. Feel free to look through evaluations of my workshops on the navigation bar and contact me if you'd like to request any of my services. 

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